About Us

Ample Technologies is a complete security warehouse for IT infrastructure. We have complete solution and support for your company in any security related activity. We Create IT Within You.
We consult with every type of security needs that our client wants. We have clients ranging from a personal user to small business and to a bigger organization. We have found ourselves capable to meet everyone’s needs with quality and extremely competitive rates We reach our hands towards you in any area of security related activity. Indeed a complete Security solution.

With our experience, we are able to help you identify the correct solution for you, and in either case, we will provide a full installation, maintenance and support service to ensure you get the most from your installation. We gain a full understanding of our customers’ requirements and develop a project plan that meets these needs, so that they only pay for the service that they need. We will take existing infrastructure into consideration and produce a solution that will complement this infrastructure and satisfy customer needs.


Aim of Ample Technologies is to provide complete IT infrastructure
to a business organization. We create IT within you.